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Our mission is to help you grow, learn and enjoy your HubSpot experience by providing you with actionable and practical courses for you to apply to your business.

The HubSpot Academy is amazing, we wouldn’t be here without it. Their courses teach you the ‘why’ and ‘what’ of inbound. The theory, the methodologies, explained by experts.

BUT that’s where it ends and Inbound U begins. When you want to know ‘how’ to do it come to Inbound U. We are building a selection of practical step by step courses for everything Inbound.

When it comes to learning the ‘how’ we know you want to learn from people that have been there and done it successfully. Well, all the courses on Inbound U are powered by Digital 22, one of the world's leading HubSpot agencies. We’ve successfully rolled out inbound marketing to 73 companies across the globe in different languages, cultures and industries. Via Inbound U we can pass on that knowledge and expertise to you to fast track your success.